Say it with Flowers

The project ” Say it with Flowers”  is  in a way a sequel to my heart series. In which I consciously chose a cliché, which I wanted to challenge and rejuvenate.  Here I have taken familiar flowers and given them a new exterior, for example lace or floral decoration. The metaphors emphasise the feminine aspect of the imagery.

The themes are the different aspects of human existence which I try to express by personifying the plant and letting the individual forms communicate with the observer. It may well be that this visual dialogue could have been enough, but the titles of the pictures takes it a step further, and without being too specific it gives an impression of the thoughts and ideas I had while working with the pictures.  My intention was that the title should not exclude other people’s interpretations and experiences. It is a difficult balancing act.

From the very earliest times flowers have been appreciated for their beauty and rich symbolism and are among other things associated with medicine, magic, religion and love. Today we use (and misuse?) flowers in so many ways. They are part of our major feasts and festivals. From birth until death and give us beauty in our homes and gardens. There are around twelve thousand wild plants and flowers in Europe, so we are literally surrounded by an almost infinite variety of forms, colours and beauty. But do we observe them enough? Or do we take them for granted? ” Say it with Flowers invites you to open your senses to the forms and properties of flowers, which address us both poetically and metaphorically.


The tulip, which is one of Spring’s most faithful heralds, is also rich in symbolism,  including wealth and beauty, vanity and transience. My prints, which show tulips in four stages, from bud to full bloom, are called “A Touch of Spring”, “every Day promises a new Tomorrow”, “Almost Tomorrow” and “In the Prime of Life”.

” Say it with Flowers” also has certain connections with my studies of beauty in urban decay, in which I try to focus on aesthetic images which we otherwise tend to overlook. The pictures are all etchings/aquatints. The work is time-consuming but fascinating. The process from idea  sketch, repeated etching to trial prints often  takes four to eight weeks. One picture will often lead naturally to the next, but it can also happen that it leads the way to something quite different. “Accidents” are not only frustrating, they can also open the door to creative solutions to unforeseen problems, which makes working with graphic art both challenging and exciting. I print all the pictures myself, for the most part in different shades and in small numbers. The sizes are 40x50cm, 50x60cm and 50x70cm.